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How OPPO invented a new smartphone form factor thanks to the flexible display (using the OPPO X 2021 prototype as an example)

Regular readers of gg are probably aware that since the first announcements of smartphones with flexible displays, I have been an apologist for this technology and I believe that it will have a great future. As a rule, opponents of this idea appeal to only one argument – a high price. But we have been sitting here “for a long time”, watching how from time to time such arguments float before us one after another, on their way to oblivion. The first phones were also expensive. The first smartphones are also not cheap. At the same time, the timing of the introduction and distribution of new technologies is constantly accelerating (not least thanks to our beloved Internet and globalization). Simple (and my favorite example) – from the moment young Mark Zuckerberg sat down to write code for his startup on campus, until the moment when he became a billionaire and a Hollywood movie was made about him, only 7 (!) years passed. The reasons for my irrepressible enthusiasm lie, https://it.cheapgadgets.com.ng/page-caffe-del-sabato-78 in fact, in the fact that flexible screens will allow us to return to the golden age of push-button phones, with all their variety of form factors. And that these new form factors fit perfectly with the existing user experience.

Where is Huawei going and what’s new we learned at the presentation of Nova 9 and unusual FreeBuds Lipstick headphones

Our most inquisitive readers in the world, of course, already know that Huawei has introduced the global version of the Nova 9 smartphone, and with it the Huawei Watch GT 3 smart watch and the unusual-looking FreeBuds Lipstick headphones, which have a charging case body looks exactly like a tube of expensive lipstick. Of course, we are all interested in the answer to the main question – what is happening with Huawei, how does the company plan to continue to live without Google services, and is it really possible for it to survive without these services? I already had some guesses about this, but after talking with Derek Yu, vice president of Huawei Consumer Business Group in Central and Eastern Europe, all these guesses were confirmed to one degree or another.

Touching the future: 10 things that make the Samsung Z Flip 3 different from the Z Flip

To be honest, the announcement of the Samsung Z Flip 3 did not impress me as a revolutionary model, despite a clear improvement over its predecessor Z Flip. Personal acquaintance with the novelty also did not create the feeling of a new stage in the category of smartphones with a foldable screen. Well, it is obvious that the external screen has been enlarged, more information has been placed on it. Yes, IPX84 water resistance has appeared. But, as it turned out, these were just superficial sensations. After a few days of use, I changed my mind. No, it did not become a revolution in my eyes, like a year ago Z Flip, but the list of its advantages in total gives a completely different user experience that you should know about.

Choosing a turntable for beginners

The purpose of this text is to explain the most important aspects of choosing a turntable without going into too much detail that is impossible within the scope of this article. We will tell you how to avoid mistakes and help beginners with several specific examples of players in different price ranges.

How to choose a gaming chair

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